Hosting website for free nowadays is just a clickbait at best. most of the free hosting providers give limited functionality. domain names are usually hard and long to remember. no guaranteed uptime. in short, it seems like their primary objective is to lure users only. facility to serve free website is the second priority for them. after a tedious session of googling one morning, I stumble upon some really cool solution for this. it’s a two-step process but believe me, it works like charm. way better than present alternatives I came across. let’s dig into it.

Part 1: Hosting

• Creating a static HTML website

First of all, you’ll need a website built in basic HTML, CSS & Javascript. you can use bootstrap to create a simple site. I used a design system built on Bootstrap called MATERIAL UI KIT.

Part 2: Domain Name

Netlify comes with the typical domain format. just like any other free hosting provider.this are long and cumbersome domain names to remember for users. mostly it has domain name trailing with hosting provider’s name, but sometimes those are totally unrelated & purely Mouthfull like

Head out to our post on the right. it has in-depth extensive details for setting up a new free domain. go through easy steps & acquire a brand new domain that reflects your website.