Wingpanel is top horizontal bar In Elementary Os Juno. similar to the taskbar in windows but without current running applications. The first thing I missed after switching from Windows 7 To Elementary Os Juno was auto-hide taskbar of windows. it gives you clean all screen view to interact with your work. either way, nobody looks at date & time or internet connection all the time. all we used taskbar is for watching how many windows are open. Elementary Os separates active windows and other Elements. all active windows are placed in dock at the bottom center and other Elements in a top wide bar called Wingpanel. so basically it should not take the area that it takes, but there’s no option in setting auto-hide Wingpanel Yet.

Whiten wingpanel in Elementary OS Juno at
works seamlessly in stock wallpaper
It auto-detects new wallpaper and adds a translucent background strip.
icons turns dark as well. which is pretty cool

I first really noticed this problem when changed from stock Elementary Os Juno Wallpaper to a custom one. Wingpanel has gone from transparent to translucent. that is when it became bothersome. I couldn’t help but find a fix and here it is.


Source :

  • git clone
  • cd hide-wingpanel
  • chmod +x show_hide_top_panel.bash
  • sudo ./show_hide_top_panel.bash


  • By Keyboard Shortcut
    Goto Setting -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> Custom
  • By Hot Corners
    Go to System-Settings -> Workspace -> Hot-Corners -> and put custom command for your preferred corner.
    Then write hide_top_panel to the custom shortcut field to toggle wingpanel.
  • By Command
    Run hide_top_panel in terminal to hide the panel and again to get it back.



  • cd hide-wingpanel
  • chmod +x uninstall.bash
  • sudo ./uninstall.bash


I utilized the upper-right hot-corner to toggle Wingpanel. At the end of the day, I managed to reclaim 5%-7% of the unused screen. Also got rid of that translucent semi-dark Wingpanel. my wallpaper looks wide and undisturbed. My chrome tabs look more spacious. my coding environment looks less stuffed & cleaner. I got a bunch of U.I Enthusiast fellow who liked it a lot. its a win-win.

please tell me in comments if you encountered any error or difficulties with wingpanel. showcase how cool you screen looks after this simple fix.