Jessi Combs
(American television personality)
(July 27, 1980 – August 27, 2019)

Fastest Women on 4-wheels

Jessica Combs was a professional race car driver. also an american T.V celebrity. she is prime example of what women can achieve despite of hardships. by choosing such a different path for life. she still managed to earn good fortune with her talent. which is estimating slightly above $1 million. Jessi Combs Set the world record of fastest women on 4-wheels, with a top speed of 440 MPH. She was killed during a Land Speed Record.

jessi always kept her childhood and family off the table when it comes to media appearance. hence not much solid information about how she became what she is now. as she graduated with an impressive resume. jessie granted to build a car from scratch. in about span of 6 month for a debut show in las vegas. it kick started her carrier. she offered to be a co-host in a television show Xtreme 4X4.

Accepting The Offer, Jessi Delivered the show with great success. earning herself a name as American Reality Show Celebrity. unfortunately she dropped off the show. in 2008 due to some highly publicized accident. which didn’t stopped jessi.

That wasn’t the only show Jessi became part of. she featured in many other shows that made her persona. she kept earning fame. list goes as follow

  • MythBusters (2003)
  • The List : 1001 Things To Do Before You Die(2011)
  • All Girls Garage (2014)

Jessi Discovered she has a writer withing her, she wrote a book in 2015 called “Joey And The Chopper Boys”. Jessie was believed to be a lesbian. but she married to her co-star from Extreme 4X4. things doesn’t worked very well. they shortly divorced.

as Jessi was living peak of her life. she met the unfortunate fate. in order break yet another land speed record.

Her Last Journey